Beast Sauce Co.

No. 5

Smokey morita and fiery ghost peppers come together for a perfect balance of heat and flavor to complement almost any dish.

$5.99 + shipping

No. 9

With savory black garlic, fruity habanero peppers, and fiery Carolina Reaper peppers, this one is truly gourmet and truly hot.

$7.99 + shipping

No. 13

We balanced fruity habaneros with fresh ginger, then turned up the heat with a healthy dose of Carolina Reapers. A little bit goes a long way.

$6.99 + shipping

No. 15

Subtly sweet and tangy, with just enough heat to remind you it’s a Beast. This is the sauce that makes everything better.

$4.99 + shipping

Combo Pack

Get them all!

$24.99 + shipping